Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy and Cameron Hospital, Windygates

Hospital A&E Information

Seven A & E consultants cover the A & E departments at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy and Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline. Both hospitals have CT scanners. Trauma cases are taken by ambulance to Queen Margaret Hospital and those seen in Victoria Hospital who require admission are transferred to Queen Margaret Hospital.

Hospital Post A&E Information

Neither hospital has an observation facility within the A & E department and those requiring admission are admitted to the orthopaedic wards at Queen Margaret under the consultant care of the A & E specialist. Most admissions are for less than 72 hours.

Neurosurgical care is provided from Edinburgh and those returning after neurosurgery would be admitted to the orthopaedic wards under the care of the consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

Hospital Rehabilitation Information

Those individuals requiring rehabilitation are transferred to the Sir George Sharp Unit, Cameron Hospital, Windygates. This has 12 beds for acute/post acute neurorehabilitation and acquired brain injury constitutes almost 80% of admissions. There are also nine beds at Glenrothes Hospital for people, including brain injured, with severe neurological disability.

Patients are accepted from orthopaedics at Queen Margaret Hospital, neurosurgical units in both Edinburgh and Dundee. All patients are seen in the referring unit, the majority within one week of referral.

The average length of stay is of the order of 3 months. Acutely behaviourally disturbed patients (scenario C) would not be accepted into the rehabilitation ward as facilities are unsuitable. Advice would be offered and contact made with the SNBRS. They would also be referring those with longer standing challenging behaviour (scenario D). Individuals in a vegetative/low awareness state (scenario E) are accepted for a period of assessment and may subsequently be transferred to Cameron Hospital or a community placement.

The rehabilitation medicine service also provides out patient rehabilitation programmes. They have close links with the Fife Traumatic Brain Injury Service (FTBIS).

Reviews, Plans and Strateigies

There are no specific plans for services for people with ABI.

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