Welcome to SPAIIN

The Scottish National Managed Clinical Network for Paediatric HIV and Primary Immune Deficiency

Why is a Network Needed and What Does It Do?

The National Managed Clinical Network (NMCN) for paediatric HIV and Primary Immune Deficiency is a Scottish National Network established by the National Services Division (NSD) in 2010. Its aim is to improve access to and the quality of services for children with these conditions.

The acronym SPAIIN came top of a vote at the launch - Scottish Paediatric & Adolescent Infection & Immunology Network.

Professor Adilia Warris is the Clinical Lead based at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. The Network Manager is Alison Gilhooly.

The network has a blog that is available for reading here: http://www.mcns.scot.nhs.uk/spaiin

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Professional Resources

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This is aimed at professionals working with children and young people with HIV or Primary Immune Deficiency. Please access this area to find care pathways as they are developed. Currently available are the Perinatal HIV Care Pathway, and the Di George Review Guidelines.
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Patients, Families & Carers

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The SPAIIN National Managed Clinical Network is about putting people at the heart of our work. The Network will listen to children young people and their familes and carers views, gather information about their perceptions and personal experience of care and use that information to further improve care.
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SPAIIN Publications

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Here you can find all SPAIIN publications including Reports, Newsletters, Guidelines and Reviews. Useful documents from other sources such as specific Guidelines and Management, are also available here and will be of interest to Professionals, Families and Carers.